Hi, my name is Uwe Waldmann. I psychologist and I do psychotherapy and coachings in Berlin Wilmersdorf.
How can I help you?
You are looking for a professional in psychotherapy treatment in Berlin? To be officially accredited, German psychotherapists are trained for 5 years and fulfill the highest standard for psychotherapeutic treament in the world. I am trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy, a scientifically recognized method, as well as trauma therapy (including EMDR), body psychotherapy and Gestalttherapy.
I give assistance in case of stress disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, trauma-related disorders and psychosomatic disorders.
The costs are 90€/hour for self-payers, first session is free. Please check if your private insurance will cover the costs.
Read more about me or directly send me a message with your concerns, your number, reachability and I will call you back.

Do you need professional assistance to solve a problem? In coaching sessions, I will provide you all my knowledge and experience. Together we set smart goals and develop creative solutions for more success and life satisfaction.
Coachings are held in my rooms in Berlin Wilmersdorf and cost 120€ / hour.
Learn more here or write a message directly with your request, phone number and accessibility. I'll call you back then.





means presence in the here and now. Thereby I will help to gain understanding of yourself.


means expressing what is. During therapy you will learn to authentically express what you experience.


means connection between the I and You. During therapy I try to walk in your shoes to help you solve your problems.



„During my therapy I’ve learned to focus on the relevant things and solve my problems.“
Client, 22
„By his help, I learned to understand myself and thereby leave my depressions behind.“
Client, 51
„With his confrontational but empathic approach he helped me out of my depressions.“
Client, 42
„Thanks for helping me finding a way into a loving relationship.“
Client, 37

Is there anything I can help you with?