About me

„To laugh and cry together, to be touchable and to touch, that’s why I love this work“

I am 33 years old, a single father of one son, engaged and come from Bad Mergentheim. The desire to understand people better made me study psychology. I became a psychotherapist in order to be able to sustainably improve people’s lives in meaningful, ethical work.

My values


means being present in the here and now.


means to take myself and my client as he or she is.


is the result of the therapy process and the foundation for a healthy life.

Working method

Humanism: aceptance, appreciation,compassion

In my work, it is important to me that my clients feel comfortable with me. All living things need good conditions in order to be able to develop well: Plants need good soil, water and light in order to be able to develop. In my work I have made the experience that the groundwork for personal growth is a relationship that is characterized by acceptance, appreciation and compassion. In the first few hours of psychotherapy, you therefore have the opportunity to see whether you feel comfortable with me and would like to take the next step.

Psychodynamic thinking

If you decide on a therapy, you will be accompanied with my thinking rooted in psychodynamic psychotherapy a wide range of experiences and integrative methods. In my approach, the cause of present problems lies in childhood relationship experiences. Due to the lack of accompaniment in difficult experiences, people develop parts that on the one hand offer them protection from further injuries, but in adulthood no longer correspond to the new reality of life. In therapy we get to know the protective and injured parts with curiosity and appreciation. We learn to listen to these parts and relate to these protective and hurt parts in the safe space of the therapeutic relationship. By understanding and accepting conflicting parts, there is an initial relaxation and mostly a reduction in symptoms. The connection with injured parts usually leads to long-term symptom relief.


  • In training in Somatic Experiencing (body-oriented trauma therapy)
  • Certified IFS therapist (parts work from Richard C. Schwartz)
  • State-recognized healing permit through license as a psychological psychotherapist
  • Expertise in psychotherapy based on depth psychology
  • Training in humanistic psychotherapy (gestalt therapy and body psychotherapy)
  • Additional qualification in EMDR and trauma therapy
  • Additional qualification in group therapy
  • Training in solution-oriented coaching

Working Experience

  • Licensed practice in Würzburg (2020)
  • Private practice in Berlin (2017)
  • Deputy head of Koordinationsstelle Arbeit at Bezirkskrankenhaus Lohr (2015)
  • Psychotherapist at Fachklinik Heiligenfeld und Uffenheim (Individual therapy, group therapy, case management, crisis intervention) (2014)
  • Psychotherapist at day clinic Schwäbisch Hall zfp Weinsberg (Individual therapy , case management) (2013)


Dipl. Psych. Uwe Waldmann

Wilhelmstr. 3

97070 Würzburg


0931 4652610

Office hours: Wed. 12:10-13:50


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